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DevOps practices enable faster software releases, reducing time-to-market and allowing organizations like yours to quickly respond to customer feedback or other market requirements. With a robust and reliable development environment, organizations can significantly improve the efficiency of application delivery processes. This entails setting up a well-configured infrastructure, implementing automated testing frameworks, and adopting agile development methodologies.

By implementing the pipelines and the tools needed for automated testing, DevOps ensures better code quality, early bug detection, and improved system stability, leading to fewer production incidents and faster issue resolution. CI/CD automates and streamlines the process of building, testing, and deploying apps. Changes in code integrate smoothly with the existing codebase, reducing integration issues from the start and minimizing conflicts.

The know-how and experience provided by our DevOps technical team cover end-to-end services in cloud and on-premises production environments. We have the skills and the necessary experience to support you in creating or improving the CI/CD pipelines, and enhancing the velocity of the software release workflows and processes, thus leading to faster deployment in production.


Our Services

  • Kubernetes Management
  • Streamline Software Delivery Processes
  • Pipelines Configuration
  • DevOps Audit & Consulting
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DevOps Expertise at Your Service

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Efficiently manage and scale your containerized applications. We can install, configure, and manage your deployments with Kubernetes, be it on-premises or in the cloud. Kubernetes provides a robust set of features, including automated deployment, scaling, and load balancing, along with self-healing capabilities to ensure high availability and fault tolerance.

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Introduce automation in all stages of app development through continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI/CD automates deployment, ensuring seamless, reliable application releases to production environments and continuous feedback. We follow GitOps concepts and utilize tools like ArgoCD, Argo Workflows, Gitlab Pipelines, Github Actions, and Bamboo.

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

By using tools such as Terraform, Ansible, or Crossplane, infrastructure can be treated and versioned like software code, enabling your organization to leverage the benefits of automation, scalability, and agility in your infrastructure management processes. Configuration management complements IaC by handling ongoing infrastructure maintenance.

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Monitoring & Observability

Effectively log, collect, correlate, and analyze extensive performance data from distributed applications. Observability enables the extraction of real-time insights for enhanced understanding of the available data. We can seamlessly implement monitoring and observability tools such as Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, or Tempo for your business.

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Employing security practices from the outset helps us identify, address, and mitigate potential threats early on, thus ensuring that your data and applications are safe and that vulnerabilities are detected before they can pose any significant risk. We automate security tests, vulnerability assessments, and compliance checks into the CI/CD pipelines.

devops audit and consulting

DevOps Audit & Consulting

Assess, optimize, and enhance your organization’s DevOps and engineering practices to align your specific goals with industry best practices. Our extensive team provides auditing and consulting services to find out where your infrastructure stands, as well as offer improvements, valuable insights, recommendations, and the necessary resources and costs to implement them.

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Success Stories

Our valued partners bring forth a diverse array of challenges and business contexts. While certain objectives span industries, the distinct needs of each client set them apart.

Discover how our services have contributed to enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improve customer satisfaction for various companies. Delve into the below use cases.

DevOps Engineering
carrefour on premise big data platform

On-Premise Big Data Platform for Carrefour

We have implemented for Carrefour Romania a big-data platform with the purpose of optimizing the company’s operations. The platform aggregates information about stocks, prices, sales, promotions, orders, etc. from shops and warehouses all over the country.

regina maria on-premise big data platform

Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform

The Private Healthcare Network is an on-premise big data platform that centralizes data from different client sources, thus ensuring a complete and consistent visualisation of information and streamline the company's operations.

multimed telemedicine platform

MultiMED - Telemedicine Platform

MultiMED allows conducting and interpreting  medical investigations, from the patient's home, by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, using medical mobile units and a dedicated application, which runs on any mobile device. Check out the business challenges and our solution.


We love using automation to make complex things easier. DevOps engineering has emerged as a transformative approach, bridging the gap between development and operations to enhance collaboration, increase agility, and deliver software at an unprecedented pace.

Check out our blog posts to read cool tutorials on DevOps engineering, how to solve certain errors, tips and tricks for microservices, and to find out about various tools that we've tested, implemented, or vouch for.

devops automation
rancher desktop for developers

Rancher Desktop for Developer Laptops

Rancher Desktop can be used as a replacement for Docker Desktop, since it is a free and open-source graphical app that provides Docker and K8s for any desktop/laptop. Let's find out the best way to install it.

bat linux command

bat - cat on steroids

cat, less, and vim are all useful commands that you can use to see the content of a text file in Unix. Enter bat – a new Linux command with additional features from the standard cat command.

postgresql backup pg dump

From Shell Scripting to K8s - Part 2

In the first part of the tutorial, we have explained how to create PostgreSQL backups using the pg_dump command. This second part will focus on Helm and converting Kubernetes YAMLs into a Helm Chart.

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