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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are increasingly required to pivot and adapt to remain competitive. There are numerous examples showing that even the most established companies can fail to respond to changes swiftly and effectively, stumble, and lose their momentum.

Agile is about embracing change and using it to our advantage. By adopting and integrating Agile practices, companies seek to enhance project management, streamline workflows, and improve overall performance metrics. However, to channel the full potential of Agile, it is essential to periodically evaluate how these practices are being implemented within the team and project environments.


Agile Scan

An organizational Agile assessment serves as a diagnostic tool, offering a detailed snapshot of the current state of Agile adoption. This comprehensive review allows for the identification of strengths to be leveraged and areas where enhancements are necessary. It helps ensure that Agile practices are not just performed, but optimized and aligned with the unique needs of the company, thus contributing to its success.

Post-assessment, the findings enable us to chart a course for continuous improvement, providing actionable insights and recommendations. These serve as a roadmap to elevate the Agile maturity of teams, refining processes and boosting agility. In response to these insights, a clear plan for ongoing enhancement can be developed, offering practical steps to improve the Agile practices. This will help your business not only keep pace with change but excel at it, ensuring it remains at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.


Our Agile Work Assessment is expertly designed to provide your company with a transparent and unbiased analysis of team dynamics, project execution, and stakeholder collaboration. It is a strategic tool that facilitates the critical examination and refinement of your processes, ensuring that your teams operate at optimum levels.

As a comprehensive audit, the Agile Work Assessment carefully measures your current operational environment, identifying both strengths and potential growth areas. This assessment is pivotal for helping your teams reach their highest potential and for promoting ongoing enhancements throughout your organization.

Agile Work Assessment Purpose

The Agile assessment serves as an essential instrument for companies seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their current Agile practices. The objective is to conduct an in-depth analysis that evaluates the effectiveness of teams operating under the Agile framework and their proficiency in applying Agile techniques.



team project agility

Team & Project-Level Agility

  • Assessing team dynamics: how members interact, collaborate, and perform efficiently.
  • Reviewing team structures, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Analyzing the application and effectiveness of Agile practices within specific projects.
process agility

Process Agility

  • Examining the established Agile processes, such as sprint planning, retrospectives, and the approach to continuous delivery.
  • Identifying process bottlenecks, waste, and opportunities for a more efficient workflow.
organizational agility

Organizational Agility

  • Assessing the alignment of policies and procedures with Agile practices.
  • Evaluating the extent to which Agile principles are embedded within the organization and the level of support and commitment from the leadership (if available).

Immediate Benefits

When completing this assessment, there is a quick gain that can be used as an input for an action plan:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of where your team or current project stands.
  • A deep understanding of the effectiveness of your existing processes.
  • Identifying the areas where the Agile methodology is not correctly applied or not fully understood by the team.
  • Uncovering potential risks or bottlenecks that could affect project delivery.
  • Receiving tailored recommendations based on industry best practices to optimize workflows.
  • Developing support frameworks for team guidance and development.
  • Encouraging cross-collaboration among team members and across departments.
  • Increasing morale in the teams and overall employee well-being.
  • Identifying knowledge gaps for targeted subsequent training which can rapidly increase the team’s comprehension and skills.
  • Validation of the existing used practices that are proving successful, serving as a blueprint for other operational areas.

Long-Term Benefits

Following the implementation of the recommended actions, you can anticipate:

  • Boost productivity by eliminating bottlenecks and waste.
  • Enhance long-term staff retention rates by fostering a consistent, transparent, and inviting work environment.
  • Strengthen team dynamics and health by ensuring members feel valuable, heard, and confident about their contributions.
  • Amplify team performance by employing proven collaborative methods tailored for IT companies.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction, by more accurately aligning with client needs, whether internal or external. 
  • Gain a competitive edge, by swiftly adapting to market changes in environmental shifts.
  • Facilitate personal and professional development among team members, who stand to benefit from these growth and learning opportunities.
  • Achieve a clear understanding of the current operational state, enabling the company to make further informed and strategic decisions.
  • Improve responsiveness, leading to a more resilient and robust business model.

When to Consider an Agile Assessment

Choosing to perform this assessment and evaluate your company's performance requires a bold step - the willingness to critically appraise your current state, even when things seem to be running smoothly. It's important to remember that just because processes appear effective today doesn't mean they can't be improved. History has often taught us that success can turn on a dime. Typically, after an assessment, a strategic roadmap is developed to maintain and enhance the journey of continuous improvement.

There are various situations where an assessment could be particularly advantageous:

  • For companies seeking to validate their current status and identify any gaps between their stated methodology and the actual practice.
  • When an organization needs to confirm the solidity and reliability of its processes.
  • If teams are experiencing difficulties in delivering on time and/or achieving the expected quality standards.
  • When looking to enhance collaboration across different departments and to eliminate operational silos.
  • Following significant team changes, to ensure that everyone is aligned with the newly implemented Agile processes.

Is This Product the Right Fit for You?

If you are reflecting on the following questions, it’s worth considering that this product suits your needs.

  • Do you face projects that consistently exceed budgets and miss deadlines without understanding the root cause?
  • Do you need to identify specific obstacles your teams encounter, such as communication breakdowns, unclear roles, or process inefficiencies?
  • Are you trying to uncover underlying issues that may be blocking your team’s path to Agile excellence?
  • Are you seeking an external perspective on how your projects and teams operate within the Agile framework?
  • Do you wish to measure your company's Agile maturity, highlighting both strengths and areas for enhancement?
  • Are you aiming to pinpoint areas where your teams face difficulties?
  • Do you believe tracking performance is an important part of evaluating your Agile maturity and advancing it?
  • Do you want to help your team members better understand the purpose and value of Agile practices?
  • Are you looking to elevate your team’s performance to a higher level and ensure they deliver tangible value?

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Price and Package details:
• The assessment process spans 10 business days.
• Our method includes a comprehensive approach involving hands-on observation of workflows, one-to-one discussions, team focus groups, and an overview of current documentation and performance indicators.
• Our offering includes two dedicated Agile coaches to ensure full engagement throughout the assessment stages.
• A detailed report presenting the findings, and a customized set of recommendations and action plan, considering existing good practices.
The cost for this package is 4900 Euro + VAT*
* We're open to discussing any specific customizations or extra assistance you may require.

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When there are numerous options in the market, why should our services be the go-to choice?  Because our Agile Consultants offer a distinct combination of expertise, knowledge, and practical IT hands-on experience.

  • Our Agile Assessment provides a benchmark for your team's performance relative to industry benchmarks.
  • Our offering is brought to you by a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in Agile methodologies. 
  • Our Agile coaches engage closely with your organization to customize the assessment to your company's specific requirements. 
  • We offer an external, unbiased perspective to help you see things more clearly. 
  • You gain from our over 20 years of hands-on experience in real-world scenarios. 
  • We apply the Agile principles and practices we advocate for in our own IT projects. 
  • We pride ourselves in having a dedicated team whose main focus is to drive continuous improvement and transformation.

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