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Digital Checklist

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The execution task list never ends. Time-consuming processes like using paper checklists and digging through emails to verify issue resolution, or waiting on reports and data put you a step behind. Mobile checklists, real-time from locations, and automated follow-up helps everyone execute faster and more efficiently.

Digital Checklist is a web application for all levels of your organization. With an intuitive design, the app is built to be easily operated at location level on any device with an internet connection. Customizable checklists allow you to evaluate all locations or departments within one platform, analysing different aspects, such as visual elements, cleanliness, displays and signage, personnel, stocks, maintenance, etc. Digital checklist has an extended applicability, being mainly used in retail, HoReCa, medical clinics, pharmacy networks, and also for monitoring any operationally essential aspects, for various locations or equipment, in several other industries.

Digital Checklist at a glance

build your own checklists card

Build your own checklists

Create checklists for all your location evaluation programs. Instantly set up effective date, expiry date, user permissions and restrictions for each checklist.

multi-location controlling system card

Multi-location controlling system

Create your locations and users with a few clicks. Built-in hierarchy levels allow you to set different permissions.

define workflows card

Define workflows

Control notifications and viewing permissions, assign tasks, and decide if sign-off or photos are required.

performance reports & KPIs card

Performance reports & KPIs

Generate custom reports (evolution/ benchmark) to identify strong-performing locations and opportunities for improvement.


  • Shrink the gap between locations and the head office
    Real-time visibility on territory task execution.

  • Manage quality
    Deploy operating procedures to all locations in real-time to get everyone on the same page.

  • Reduce risks
    Identify problems before they escalate and verify resolution with time stamps and photos.

  • Boost productivity
    Eliminate time spent tracing issues through email and manual follow-up.

  • Make informed decisions
    Access data on all your locations from anywhere, on any device. View trends, benchmarks, and best & worst performers.


  • Set permissions
    Built-in hierarchy allows you to choose who can see and interact with inspection checklists and data.

  • Never miss a deadline
    Notifications and alerts are sent to the appropriate team members.

  • Customize
    Create tasks for maintenance, customer complaints, or any location-specific issue.

  • Set priority
    Choose who can see and interact with the task, evaluate, and prioritize.

  • Keep high service standards
    Identify areas that need improvements.

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