rupio - price management

Strategic Price Management

Currently, retailers are facing a number of complex challenges: markets are changing faster than ever, competition is constantly growing, sales channels are changing, and consumers are constantly looking for high quality services. As a result, the complexity of pricing processes is increasing.

rupio is an automated tool, being able to calculate millions of prices daily, in order to recommend optimal prices, depending on various parameters and influencing factors.

rupio facilitates the pricing process, contributing to achieving the company's objectives: maximizing profit, increasing the market share, raising the level of customer satisfaction, ensuring competitiveness etc.

Given the complexity of the pricing process, rupio supports the pricing department by:

  • recommending the best prices depending on multiple attributes of the product and/or competition prices;
  • simulation of various pricing scenarios and estimating the impact of price changes;
  • analyzing and reporting data to facilitate the decision-making process;
  • massive time and cost savings.

rupio at a glance

calculation basis card

Calculation Basis

Whether it is establishing the initial price for a product, the promotional prices for specific campaigns, or other influential parameters and factors - rupio allows the inclusion of all the key indicators for calculating and defining the price, ensuring a versatile presence on the market.

pricing rules card

Pricing Rules

The rule engine allows you to set the most suitable level of automation. The sets of rules can be determined based on the current demand, the prices of the competition, the specific objectives for each category/type of product or even on the main objectives of the company.

price suggestion card

Price Suggestion

The pricing process is supported by a flow that allows operations auditing and delegation of responsibilities. The price proposals can be validated and overwritten by the pricing department, based on predetermined thresholds and acceptance rules.

integration card


rupio folds on the organizational structure of the company (hierarchy category/region), supporting multiple pricing policies and strategies, offering also promotion-management capabilities, through integration with the dedicated systems. 


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Price control and optimization
  • Automation and predictability
  • Estimating the impact of price changing, before applying the updates


  • Versatility
  • Reuse of existing IT infrastructure
  • Market segmentation
  • Data retention allows using the information in BI apps, for increased ROI

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