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Bring your project to life with a dedicated agile team at your fingertips.

Full Agile Teams As Complete Offering

While tech skills are important, team cohesion and teamwork are as important. That is why an already defined team can offer your company the high-level software development services that you need and aid you in your enterprise/digital transformation.

It is a flexible business asset through which you gain a dedicated team with a level of unity, creativity, and teamwork that would otherwise take months to build. We build software delivery teams that will suit you in your endeavors, minimizing your costs and time spent to hire, onboard, and train personnel.

Our technical experts follow the Agile principles and teams are cross-functional, being able to adapt on the go to changing business requirements and challenges, guaranteeing on-time delivery and excellent services.

Full teams

Take the Weight Off Your In-House Staff

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Dedicated Agile Team Model

Our teams of professionals know how to work together and follow the Agile methodology. Depending on your business goals and needs, our devs, DevOps, QA, SM, POs, and Co-POs form cohesive software delivery teams, ready to hop on new challenges.

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Tech & Agile Experts

Our offer consists of over 100 tech experts, encompassing various roles such as Software Developers, Sysadmins, DevOps and SysOps professionals, Quality Assurance specialists, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Co-product Owners.

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Time & Material

Use a complete agile team for the duration required in your preferred project, employing a flexible and efficient strategy to bolster project capabilities. This enables swift scalability of your team, featuring proficient experts.

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Nearshore Development

Are you in search of a lasting team of technical specialists for your enterprise projects? Access a number of skilled professionals who possess the necessary technical knowledge, all while reducing expenses compared to onshore alternatives.

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Cloud Certified Experts

Our team boasts a number of Cloud certifications, among which we can name:

  • Certified Google Cloud Platform Architect
  • Certified Google Cloud Data Engineer
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Cloudera CCA Administrator
  • Azure Data Engineer

Technology Stack

Our technical specialists have been working with a range of various technologies, which your project can also benefit from. Check out the full list below:


Expand faster with the help of our agile teams.

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