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We deliver complete big data solutions to assist enterprises like yours in finding useful insights, generating value from your data, and driving measurable business results.

As pioneers in implementing big data projects on the Romanian market, we have completed more than 10 big data projects in the last years.             

Our powerful and experienced development team of over 100 people is working with dedication and guided by the Agile methodology to create big data architectures, data pipelines, and enterprise-grade infrastructures. Considering our complex project portfolio, we had the opportunity to work with most of the big data technologies.


Our Services 

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics & Modelling
  • Data Security & Quality
  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
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We Speak Big Data

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Big Data Architecture

We specialize in crafting custom big data architectures, be it a data warehouse, a data lake, or a data mesh solution. When it comes to big data, one-size does not fit all; our team of experts will analyze your data requirements, will evaluate the best-suited technologies, and will design a solution that aligns with your strategic goals, while considering your constraints.

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Data Ingestion and Collection

Collect and move data into big data platforms to gain insights into your customers, market, current trends and other aspects of decision-making. Our focus lies in delivering an efficient data ingest strategy that enables you to get near-instant access to the latest data. We offer high data freshness from various sources, be it batch or streaming.

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Robust Data Pipelines

We can help you solve your organization's data challenges by constructing robust and scalable data pipelines from scratch. Our team has longstanding data processing expertise and possesses the necessary skills required to transform, optimize, clean, filter, and aggregate your raw data into actionable insights.

data warehouse modeling

Data Warehouse Modeling

We can help you design from scratch data warehouse models or organizing your data within your existing data warehouse, following one of the three modeling techniques: Inmon, Kimball (Star Schema), or Data Vault. We will take into consideration your requirements and help you in this continuous process, in touch with the business team, in order to serve relevant analytics cases.

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Big Data Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Our big data team comprises full-stack data engineers, that can not only handle data but also create the infrastructure for end-to-end data solutions. Our engineers are AWS, GCP, and Azure-certified, making them able to work on both cloud-based big data solutions, and on on-premise open-source technologies, such as Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, and more.

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End-to-End Data Solutions

We have the know-how to design, build, and maintain your data in end-to-end data solutions by using programming languages such as Scala, Python, Java, and SQL. We deliver complete functional solutions, that follow the data lifecycle - collection, storage, processing, analysis, deployment, archiving - as well as offer ongoing technical support and maintenance.

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Relevant Professional Certifications

  • Certified Google Cloud Platform Architects
  • Certified Google Cloud Data Engineers
  • Azure Data Engineers
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architects
  • Cloudera CCA Administrators
  • Apache Cassandra 3.x Developer Associates (DataStax)
  • Professional Machine Learning Engineers

Case Studies

We are proud to have been trusted with developing complex big data architectures and infrastructure for a number of market-leading companies in retail, healthcare, and more. By going through the below case studies, you can find out their challenges and how our custom solutions helped them overcome them, as well as our expertise when it comes to big data technologies and mindset.

Our experts in big data are continuously exploring new technologies and real-world applications that are revolutionizing the ways in which we collect, store, analyze, and harness data.

big data
carrefour on premises big data platform

On-Premise Big Data Platform for Carrefour

We have implemented for Carrefour Romania a big-data platform with the purpose of optimizing the company’s operations. The platform aggregates information about stocks, prices, sales, promotions, orders, etc. from shops and warehouses all over the country.

regina maria on premise big data platform

Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform

The Private Healthcare Network is an on-premise big data platform that centralizes data from different client sources, thus ensuring a complete and consistent visualisation of information and streamline the company's operations.

carrefour big data platform on google cloud

Eagle - Big Data Platform on Google Cloud

The big data platform Eagle simplifies and democratizes access to data so that Carrefour Romania can optimize and streamline its analysis and reporting processes. The platform aims to aggregate information from a multitude of IT systems in GCP.


The transformative power of big data is increasingly shaping industries, economies, businesses, and our everyday lives. Data isn't just information; it's one of the keys to progress. From in-depth articles on the latest big data trends and technologies to tips, tricks, and best practices for successful projects, you'll find a lot of insights on our blog.

Take a few minutes to browse through our blog and find out more about our expertise.

big data trends and technologies
eSolutions at Big Data Week Bucharest Conference 2023

eSolutions at Big Data Week Bucharest Conference 2023

We are glad to be organizing BDW Bucharest Conference once again this year and we look forward to meeting with big data professionals on October 3-4, at Sheraton Bucharest Hotel, featuring tracks such as Big Data Architectures, Cloud & Infrastructure, AI & ML, and BI & Analytics.

esolutions at big data week bucharest conference 2023

Kafka-Streams, K8s & Cassandra for Real-Time Retail Inventory

How to design a streaming data processing pipeline? Viorel Bibiloiu, Big Data Architect at eSolutions, presented our solution for designing a real-time stock management system for a large retailer using Kafka Streams, K8s, and Cassandra at BDW Bucharest Conference 2023.

apache spark optimization

Optimizing and Tuning Spark Apps - Eliminate Shuffle Using Bucketing

Bucketing in Spark is a way to organize data in the storage system in a particular way so it can be leveraged in subsequent queries which can become more efficient. With bucketing, we can shuffle the data in advance and save it in this pre-shuffled state. Learn more from this article.

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