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Big Data

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We deliver complete big data solutions, in order to assist enterprises in finding useful insights, generating value from their data, and driving measurable business results.

We are pioneers in implementing big data projects on the Romanian market, successfully completing 10 big data projects in the last years.             

We take pride in our powerful and experienced development team of over 100 people, working with dedication and guided by the Agile methodology. Considering our complex projects portfolio, we had the opportunity to work with most of the big data technologies.

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Programming Languages

Programming skills are critical when developing big data platforms. The more you know, the easier it becomes to implement the right solution. Our programmers master languages such as Java, Scala, Go, Python, Kotlin, and C++.



As time goes by, companies collect enormous amounts of data. Our devs use the following frameworks that help them structure and prepare this data: Spring, Apache Spark, Apache Beam, Flask, and Akka.



When we talk about big volumes, wide variety, and high velocity of data, the infrastructure will “make or break” the implementation. Our team works with: Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible, Puppet, and Xen.

Databases & Storage

Databases & Storage

Our engineers also have broad experience with various technologies such as: Cassandra, BigQuery, Hive, MongoDB, Solr, Elasticsearch, OracleDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, HDFS, GCS, Amazon S3, and GlustersFs.

Processing & Pipelines

Processing & Pipelines

The volume and velocity of data have grown in recent years. So, technologies have had to adapt to the new reality. Our architects master big data tools such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Cloud Pub/Sub, MQTT, Airflow, Ozie, Apache NiFi, and Sqoop.



Our experts own the skills to ensure successful completion of big data projects, including AI / ML, Cloud, or IoT areas. We have experience working with on-premise environments, using Hadoop platform, as well as with GCP, Azure, or AWS, which puts us in a position to manage any project, regardless of its complexity.


You couldn’t build a city with a single tool. Nor could you enable your dev practice with one. Microservices, CI / CD, TDD, and Agile Scrum are four distinctive work methodologies used by our team when it comes to complex big data projects.

Our Expertise

Our Big Data Team

   Senior Big Data Architect

   Big Data Engineer / Developer

   Data Scientist

   Machine Learning Engineer

   Big Data Business Analyst, Project Manager

Relevant Professional Certifications

   Certified Google Cloud Platform Architect

   Certified Google Cloud Data Engineer

   Azure Data Engineer

   AWS Certified Solutions Architect

   Cloudera CCA Administrator

   Apache Cassandra 3.x Developer Associate (DataStax)

  Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Big Data

Our Services


   Big data consultancy

   Big data solution architecture and design

   Big data solution development (ETL/ELT pipeline, data exploration, Data Lake, DWH)

   Big data governance procedures setup (data quality, security, etc.)

   Machine Learning models development

Success Stories


Carrefour - Big Data Platform on Google Cloud

eSolutions has implemented, in just 6 months, the Big Data Platform - Eagle for Carrefour Romania, which simplifies and democratizes access to data, so that the retailer can optimize and streamline its analysis and reporting processes.

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Regina Maria

Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform

eSolutions has developed for REGINA MARIA, The Private Healthcare Network an on-premise big data platform that centralizes data from different client sources, thus ensuring a complete and consistent visualisation of information.

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MultiMED - Telemedicine & Big Data Platform

MultiMED is an innovative medical system that crunches distances between medical specialists and patients. Based on a performant telemedicine platform, MultiMED allows conducting and interpreting medical investigations.

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ReefBeat®/ ReefWave® - Smart Reef Pumps System

The ReefWave® pumps, developed specifically for Red Sea by eSolutions big data team, feature a patented cross-flow technology, ensuring a water motion that’s perfect for corals, wherever they are placed in the aquarium. 

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