We strive to have at least one senior team member at each event that we deem significant for the tech industry. Sometimes, we even get invitations to showcase our own presentations. And then there are the times we just want to hang out with the team or push our limits to the next level. Whatever the occasion, we take every chance we have to meet new people or develop and improve our skills.
10-05-2022 11 days ago

Which technical aspects to consider when starting a big data project?

24-02-2022 2 months ago

Which are the big data trends to look forward to in 2022?

18-11-2021 6 months ago

Is your company ready to become data-driven?

10-11-2021 6 months ago

eSolutions Hackathon 2021

26-10-2021 6 months ago

#BigDataWeek - MQTT and Kafka, the Backbone of an IoT Platform

25-10-2021 6 months ago

#BigDataWeek - Streamlining Healthcare Operations Using Big Data

big data week
22-09-2021 7 months ago

eSolutions presents Big Data Week, the global data festival, returning to Bucharest between October 13-14

big data, what is big data
06-09-2021 8 months ago

Big Data: What It Is and Why It Matters

kubernetes, rancher
12-08-2021 9 months ago

Troubleshooting Alert: Component etcd is unhealthy in Kubernetes / Rancher 2.x

apache spark
03-08-2021 9 months ago

“Frequently Bought Together” Product Recommendations Using Streaming Expressions in SOLR

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