Improve your business performance with spot

Whatever the use-case, even if you are trying to measure traffic to support project funding, determine advertising effectiveness, or increase conversion rates, spot provides the tools to leverage key metrics to improve the performance of your business.

Our people counting solution provides actionable information that helps organizations increase profitability and optimize operational efficiency by analyzing visitor traffic to make informed business decisions.



Traffic counting solutions are used in many situations in advertising,  retail (shops, shopping malls), museums, banks, airports, railway stations, or to handle the flow of fairs and big events.

Data accuracy

Moreover, looking to the future - smart, connected cities also require accurate data on the movement of people to better understand how different areas of the city are used, improve planning, improve infrastructure and make city life better for everyone.

Operational efficiency

Data from spot’s smart people counting system offers a powerful tool for daily management, future planning, and making sure operational efficiency is at its best

Why spot?

AI/ML algorithms card

AI/ML algorithms

Our models are being constantly trained and updated to provide accurate object detection and traffic data.

privacy protection card

Privacy protection

We only use video-streams to analyse traffic numbers and store only statistical data, without ever storing video stream footage.

high accuracy card

High accuracy

Our highly accurate solution lets you know in real-time the traffic data in your areas of interest, so you can measure, analyze, and optimize your services.

extensive analytics card

Extensive analytics

spot can display real-time scenarios, comparative analytics (graphs), with export options for all data.


better targeting card

Better targeting

The right advertisements for the right customer.

accurate & differentiated data card

Accurate & differentiated data

Users segmentation based on movement patterns and localization.

customization opportunities card

Customization opportunities

You can set average passenger numbers for cars / busses or pedestrian traffic depending on location and by hourly intervals.

accurate traffic reports card

Accurate traffic reports

Reachable audience data.

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