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Device prototyping, embedded software, IoT design and architecture - we have the high-level expertise to offer end-to-end solutions for your project.

Internet of Things for Business

Connect, collect, manage, and aggregate data from lots of physical objects and devices with our various IoT services. From device prototyping and embedded software development to IoT design and architecture, we have the advanced expertise necessary to provide comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of your project. We support you in building business-oriented IoT solutions and we help you make use of AI and ML algorithms for better predictive and real-time analytics of your sensors and device data.

Choose eSolutions IoT end-to-end connectivity services for innovative and forward-looking projects or for operational optimization for industrial, automotive, and commercial workloads. 


Our Services

  • IoT Design & Architecture
  • Device Prototyping
  • IoT Implementation: Embedded Software, IoT Cloud Platforms, Device Management Platforms
  • IoT Consulting
  • Technical Audit
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We Speak IoT

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Sensors & Actuators

Sensors monitor environmental conditions helping you measure temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity, light or fluid levels. Actuators do pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, thermal, or magnetic actions that rely on sensors to do their job. We have expertise in implementing or developing both for your IoT project.

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Firmware Development

We design and implement firmware for devices, with code written in C/C++, Go, and embedded on hardware. Since it is directly written on the hardware device's non-volatile memory, it offers an extra layer of security. Our experts aim at maximizing performance while minimizing memory usage and power consumption.

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IoT Cloud Platforms

IoT Cloud represents the network of infrastructure, servers, and storage needed to support IoT devices and applications, which then provide continuous monitoring of all your assets. We are technology-agnostic and will work with the cloud of your choice (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services).

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Embedded Software

Embedded software represents software programmed for a specific device. Programmed on a chip, embedded software helps you control the functions of various hardware devices. Our engineers have a deep understanding of both hardware and software, focusing on optimizing code and ensuring timely responses.

over the air update systems and integrations

Over-The-Air Update Systems & Integrations

An over-the-air (OTA) system provides the wireless delivery of new or updated firmware, software, encryption keys, and other types of data to embedded systems. These systems play a pivotal role in keeping devices up-to-date. We encrypt and authenticate OTA updates and deliver them to end users via a secure protocol.

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To account for the various IoT use cases, we leverage a versatile set of technologies, from MQTT for efficient messaging, to Raspberry Pi and Arduino for hardware interfacing and custom device development, as well as System on Chip (SoC) microcontrollers (such as ESP32, ESP8266 from Espressif) for compactness, integration, and efficiency.

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Success Stories

We wouldn’t be here without our customers that present us with the different challenges and business scenarios they are facing. While some goals remain the same across industries, every client’s needs are unique. We are curious to find out yours!

Take a minute to read the below IoT case studies to find out more about our projects, our clients’ challenges, and the solutions we came up with for their use cases.

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red sea smart reef pumps

ReefBeat®/ ReefWave® - Smart Reef Pumps System

The ReefWave® pumps, developed for Red Sea, feature a patented cross-flow technology, ensuring a water motion that’s perfect for corals, wherever they are placed in the aquarium.

red sea smart reef lights

ReefBeat®/ ReefLED™ - Smart Reef Lighting System

ReefLED™ is a smart reef lighting system, that has been designed to ensure optimal coral growth and coloration. The ReefLED™ lights are guaranteed to be reef-safe and very easy to set up.

Blog & Insights

You can tell we’re passionate about IoT! Whether you're an IoT enthusiast, a tech professional, or simply curious about the future of technology (and robotics), our blog is here to unravel the complexities and possibilities that IoT presents.

Check out our blog posts to see what we’ve been up to lately and what we can do for your project or business.

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assembling electronics to build a hexapod

How to Build a Hexapod 3: Assembling the Electronics

While in the last part of the hexapod tutorial series we planned the electronics, it is time to discuss the sizing, the design electronics diagrams, do the PCB design, and finally build and assemble them all together into our hexapod. Read the previous two parts before embarking on this article.

planning electronics to build a hexapod

How to Build a Hexapod 2: Planning the Electronics

After 3D-printing all the necessary parts and mounting the hexapod in part one of the tutorial, in this second part we will approach the electronics. We’ll go through electronics planning, discussing Raspberry Pi, servo motors, end leg switches, sensors, power supply, and battery.

mechanics to build a hexapod

How to Build a Hexapod 1: Mechanics

In this three-part tutorial we will present how to build a hexapod robot from scratch. We will go through all the details about the mechanics, electronics, and the software for our hexapod. In this first part, we are going to show you what 3D parts you need to print and how to mount them together.

Getting this far was the first step. Now take another step towards implementing successful IoT projects.

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