KubeSol - Kubernetes Distribution

Simplifying Kubernetes Maintenance

Accelerated Kubernetes Adoption

KubeSol is a robust, DevOps-optimized Kubernetes distribution that leverages the power of Kubernetes and its components to provide a seamless orchestration experience that meets the demands of modern software development and infrastructure management. 

KubeSol simplifies the complexities of installing and configuring a Kubernetes platform, offering engineers a turnkey solution with pre-built components, bringing together the best of the extensibility and robust ecosystem of Kubernetes. With a focus on operational efficiency, our platform accelerates your business' time-to-market.


What Sets Us Apart?


Designed for DevOps Engineers

With a focus on usability, our distribution is engineered to be intuitive for DevOps engineers regardless of their familiarity with underlying technologies like Ansible, Kubectl, or Helm. We democratize technology, making advanced container orchestration accessible to all.


Open-Source & Support Options

Our distribution is a testament to the power of open-source, enabling teams to leverage cutting-edge technology at no cost while also offering the option for commercial support, ensuring enterprises of all sizes can find the level of assistance that suits their needs.


Streamlined Installation and Configuration

Imagine installing, upgrading, and configuring your Kubernetes clusters without the usual hassle. Our Ansible playbook-based operations turn this into reality, making the process repeatable, straightforward, and devoid of the common complexities associated with Kubernetes setups.


Built on RKE2 for Robustness and Security

At the core of our distribution is RKE2, known for its robustness and enhanced security features. This choice ensures that your Kubernetes clusters are optimized for performance and fortified against modern security threats.


Pre Configured Essential Components

Jumpstart your projects with Longhorn and DirectPV storage classes for diverse storage requirements. Pre-configured Kubernetes components such as Kubernetes dashboard, Grafana, ArgoCD, Vault, Keycloak, and many others will speed up cluster deployments and drive innovation.


Comprehensive Documentation

To ensure a smooth user experience, we provide extensive documentation and examples covering various use cases and components. Whether you're deploying a new service or scaling an existing one, our documentation is readily available to guide you every step of the way.

Built-in Components

  • Kubernetes (RKE2 based) 
  • Longhorn storage class 
  • DirectPV storage class
  • Nginx Ingress controller
  • The official Kubernetes Dashboard (web interface)
  • Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana, Loki 
  • Cert-manager - SSL certificate management
  • Keycloak - Identity and Access Management


  • CNPG - Cloud Native Postgres operator
  • Velero backup system
  • Trivy security scan
  • MinIo - S3 like object storage
  • Kafka with Strimzi operator
  • ArgoCD - Continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes
  • Vault + ExternalSecrets for secure secrets storing
  • VPA - Vertical Pod Autoscaler

Dual Licensing Model

Download our open-source version or contact our experts for more information on our professional support offerings.



  • Support - best effort, via GitHub project
  • Open-source license

Quick-Start Support

4,900 EUR

  • Install assistance for your team
  • 1 knowledge transfer session to your DevOps, Ops, or Devs team
  • 1 year Support by email, up to 12 tickets
  • Open-source license

Professional Support


  • Install process by our engineers
  • Training for your team
  • Maintenance
  • SLA with dedicated team
  • Open-source or commercial license

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