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What is solution architecture and design? Just like you need a concept and a plan for the structure of a building, you need a blueprint for the software and infrastructure of your organization. This is where our Solution Architects come in: they propose a strategy and organize the software components and infrastructure systems in accordance with your business objectives and your future plans, be it in big data, cloud, microservices, or event sourcing.

This can involve creating an infrastructure from scratch, migrating to new platforms, modernizing your tech stack and applications, integration architecture, and other multi-faceted processes or operations. Transitioning to a different platform, tool, or technology is always a complex and challenging endeavor. Our deep understanding of technology and our vast experience in various industries, allows us to offer consulting services tailored to sector-specific and business-specific needs.

Each step of the way, we will work together so that the final result aligns perfectly with your business model, delivers the vision that you have upon your service or product, and optimizes the workflows and processes in between.

Our Services

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Architecture Assessment & Consulting
  • Technology Assessment & Consulting
Architecture design

Architecting the Infrastructure & Technology for Your Business

microservices architecture card

Microservices Architecture

Compared to a monolith architecture, microservices provide agility and scalability. We are cloud native-driven and believe an architecture based on microservices can suit and improve a wide range of business solutions. Our architects can assess, take into account your needs, and explain every aspect of how this new architecture will work to ensure that it is the right type of architecture for your business goals.

big data architecture card

Big Data Architecture

We can help you create your own architecture for a big data platform from scratch. Moreover, we can also create specific architectures for one of the big data architecture layers - data ingestion, data integration, data processing, data analytics, or data pipelines - ranging from ETL design and optimization, to stream processing pipelines, to data lakes, data warehouses, and data meshes, depending on your objectives.

cloud architecture card

Cloud Architecture

Be it a cloud migration or a new cloud implementation, we can define the architecture that can help you achieve your goals. We will design a plan to migrate your applications and data following your business requirements. This can lead to either a lift & shift cloud migration, or to a gradual migration, process in which you can also update technologies, modernize apps, and optimize costs.

application modernization card

Application Modernization

If you have legacy systems or applications, postponing their upgrade can bring about more harm than good. We can modernize your infrastructure and applications with the latest technologies that will ease work and provide faster time-to-market in the long run. From legacy applications to success: improve the velocity of new feature delivery, increase business agility, and maximize resilience.

event sourcing architecture card

Event Sourcing Architecture

The event sourcing pattern offers a different way of storing and processing data, and a great solution for capturing the state of a system by recording events. Our architects can design event sourcing architecture with Kafka or PostgreSQL where every change is recorded as an immutable event, and historical data is never lost or tampered with, offering data integrity, auditability, scalability, and flexibility.

event-driven architecture card

Event-Driven Architecture

Common in modern apps built with microservices, the event-driven architecture acts as an enabler to extend complex apps by using events to trigger and make communication possible between decoupled services. Our architects can help design this type of architecture that offers scalability, flexibility, near real-time capabilities, fault tolerance, and faster feature delivery, across multiple use cases.

integration architecture card

Integration Architecture

Ensuring that the integration between our proposed solution or application architecture and your other existing system and solution landscape is straightforward and compliant with architecture principles, will allow for proper data exchange and synchronization, seamless business processes, and increased efficiency.

cost analysis card

Cost Analysis

As certain migrations or changes in the infrastructure may entail significant expenses, which may not be feasible for your organization at a given time, we must also consider the cost element. Our aim is to assist you in identifying optimizations that can bring about most benefits, fastest, and which allow you to stay within budget.

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Here are some of the certifications that attest our architects' expertise and know-how:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Certified Google Cloud Platform Architect
  • Certified Google Cloud Data Engineer
  • Azure Data Engineer

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