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Our business analysts work closely with you to understand your unique challenges, objectives, and opportunities, in order to clarify product needs and requirements. All the information is translated then into clear tasks and communicated to the development team ensuring that the end product not only meets but exceeds your expectations and brings value to your business.

Among the multiple known benefits of adding the value of a business analyst in your project's lifecycle are clarity of information, precise requirements for the development team, thus eliminating the risk of receiving a different outcome than what is expected and needed from the product.

Business analysts play a key role in bridging the gap between you and our development team. They assist you in structuring and organizing your needs and wants, and in mapping these business requirements into user stories which the development team uses to implement the product. Additionally, they proactively offer insightful suggestions for enhancements or specific consulting, and they monitor and evaluate the product progress throughout the project lifecycle.

All these bring a tremendous leverage in the development of a product: the acceleration of the implementation process, reducing time-to-market while maintaining a high software quality standard.


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Business Analysis

Business Analysis - A Proven Process for Success

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Business Discovery Phase

Our business analysts collaborate with business representatives to understand the particular business processes, workflows and product features needed, so that the requirements are aligned to the project goal. Through discovery meeting sessions, brainstorming, focus groups, document analysis, and/or interview meetings we can decide upon the best solution for your project.

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Needs & Requirements Analysis

BAs sketch the main functionalities of the product after client meetings, then transform the information gathered into tasks for the developers while maintaining ongoing discussions with the stakeholders regarding the development of requirements and visual models. The BA also collaborates with UI/UX engineers to create designs that align with the customers' requirements.

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Requirements Communication

During what is known as a typical Agile meeting, the Business Analyst along with the Product Owner provide a detailed explanation of the client’s requirements to the development team to ensure they thoroughly understand every aspect. This results in a faster time-to-market because clear and well-defined features enable developers to work more efficiently.

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BA & Agile Practices

At eSolutions we follow Agile principles. In a Scrum team, business analysts can take on the responsibilities of a Product Owner or work closely with the Product Owner to define and prioritize the product backlog. We help with user stories and acceptance criteria writing, backlog management, planning, estimations, prioritizations, and decision-making.

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