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Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform

eSolutions has developed for REGINA MARIA, The Private Healthcare Network an on-premise big data platform that centralizes data from different client sources, thus ensuring a complete and consistent visualisation of information and streamline the company's operations.

The platform aggregates data about transactions, patients, test results, etc. from over 350 locations owned by the company: hospitals, polyclinics, laboratories. Data is processed and transformed to populate a data warehouse with reporting and business intelligence scope, and can also be consumed by other applications through APIs.

The big data platform implementation for REGINA MARIA increases the operational performance, helping the process scalability and the extension of the response capacity to any kind of data integrations or queries. The main project objectives are to improve the reporting system, democratize data access for the application ecosystem and standardize data-access mechanisms. Scalability is an essential feature of the big-data platform and contributes to performance, as well as adaptation to rapid changes in a potential increase in data volume or velocity of data acquisition.

 Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform
 Regina Maria On-Premise Big Data Platform

The Client

REGINA MARIA, The Private Healthcare Network is a leader in the quality of medical services in Romania, being the only operator that owns three hospitals with international accreditations. Through its 13 accreditations - a unique performance in Central and Eastern Europe, REGINA MARIA constantly demonstrates its commitment to medical excellence and patient care safety.

At the same time, REGINA MARIA innovated the medical services segment for companies, launching for the first time in Romania the concept of corporate subscriptions, 25 years ago. More recently, the company has also developed specialized medical packages for SMEs and individuals, currently managing a portfolio of over 650,000 subscriptions. In addition, in the last 10 years, REGINA MARIA has invested over 130 million euros in the development of the medical system in Romania, by modernizing or opening new locations, purchasing high-performance equipment and training medical teams.

REGINA MARIA is the only medical services company in Romania that has fully taken over and successfully integrated over 30 other players on the market, having its own presence in 20 counties and a national coverage through over 310 partner clinics. The company brings together almost 7,000 employees and collaborators and offers complete services for hospitalization and surgery, maternity, polyclinic, imaging, laboratory and stem cell storage, to a number of over 4.5 million patients.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, REGINA MARIA involved in testing 9 molecular biology laboratories from the Network, reaching a processing capacity of over 4000 RT-PCR tests / day and processing so far over 500,000 tests nationwide.

Business Challenge

Business needs and technical requirements increased with the evolution of the company, so the need to implement a big data platform to support this growth arose. The main challenges for the partner were: an increasing number of hospitals, polyclinics, laboratories, and partner clinics that led to the accumulation of data over time and difficulty in centralizing and processing, the need to reduce the time in which data can be accessed, increasing data-processing needs, so that information can be transmitted to other systems and applications or interpreted quickly. Thus, the client wanted to relieve the pressure on the databases to increase operational performance and to expand the ability to respond to any kind of data integrations and queries.

Solution Delivered

  • The development of the big data platform began with the construction of the foundation. This process translates into infrastructure configuration, which involves installing servers, virtual machines, etc.
  • Data acquisition from the company's sources was implemented using Apache NiFi technology, a complex solution with a high degree of flexibility.
  • Data is acquired both in batch, every night, but also near real-time, using CDC (Change Data Capture). CDC was activated on the data source, being a solution for detecting changes in the database.
  • The development of a single data lake was implemented using HDFS / Delta Lake.
  • The data processing and transformation are performed using a Common Data Model.
  • The events are transmitted on Kafka topics and processed with Spark Structured Streaming.
  • Processed data is stored in the Vertica Data Warehouse.
  • A monitoring solution has been installed and it provides information about the infrastructure and technical components, and also for the business processes that are executed. The logs of the platform components are centralized using ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) and Grafana.



The big data platform developed for REGINA MARIA gathers information from over 350 locations (hospitals, polyclinics, laboratories, etc.) about 260 million records, including information about patients, transactions, locations, tests, doctors, specializations, etc. The project implemented by eSolutions helps to optimize internal processes, ensuring easy access to data, the platform becoming a unique and centralized source of operational data.

The Team

The project started in May 2020 with a team consisting of the following roles: Project Manager, Business Analyst, DevOps / SysOps, Data Engineers, and Big Data Architect.


Apache Nifi (for Data Ingest)

HDFS/ Delta Lake (for Data Lake)

Spark (for Batch Processing)

Spark Structured Streaming (for Real-Time Streaming)

Vertica (for Data Warehouse)

ELK, Grafana (for Monitoring)

Kafka (for Change Data Capture)

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