About eSolutions

eSolutions is a technology company developing integrated, complex, and secure solutions, with a focus on improving the business processes that stand behind the software. We build, implement and develop Big Data solutions for key market verticals, using microservices architectures for apps that are both stable and scalable.


Our Mission

Our purpose is to enable evolution by making big data easy to understand and interact with.

Essential Facts About Us

  • 22 years of experience in Custom Software Development.
  • Pioneers in implementing Big Data projects on the Romanian market.
  • Part of Qvest group.
  • Powerful development team of over 100 people who work guided by the Agile methodology.
  • Our portfolio includes hundreds of custom apps and products.
  • More than 100 technologies used in production.
  • Organizing classes since 2005, we set up a new business division in 2016, as a result of growing demand: eSolutions Academy.
  • Organizing Big Data Bucharest Meetups since 2022.

Our Culture

  • We are AGILE.
  • We aim for excellence, being focused on quality.
  • We stimulate evolution by sharing knowledge and experience, both within and outside of the company.
  • We build a positive team and family spirit.
  • We never stop being curious.
  • We trust in simplicity: clean code, straightforward communication, and relevant information.
  • We believe that technology changes the world and people change technology.


eSolutions team