Panomio Headless CMS

Panomio Headless CMS

The solution for collaboratively creating, organizing, and delivering content across multiple channels via a single unified environment. 

panomio is a headless CMS that can deliver your content through an API directly to where you need it. Because of the headless approach, the same content can be published beyond websites or apps, to any device with an internet connection.

One solution for every member of the team

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Build new pages, create and edit content, preview and publish easily,  add media elements - all you can imagine can be done independently, without the need to involve the development team. Use the same space for centralization and delivery of content to any channel.

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Seamlessly update content across all platforms from a single end-point without platform specific concerns.     Sets frontend developers free from the conventions and structures of the backend in order to deliver richer, faster and more responsive user experience.

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Project Managers

Collaborative approach to website development, content delivery, editorial approval, design - offer your team an environment where all can work together by keeping their own focus.
The agile way to manage and implement the content strategy.


  • Ability to manage content on multiple channels

Buyers want to stay connected across multiple devices, and each device enables a unique digital experience for end users, and a new way to drive revenue. With panomio, companies can adopt an omnichannel approach, thereby offering a seamless experience to users, whether they are in contact from a desktop or mobile device, digital assistant, virtual reality apps, smart watches, anywhere and at any time through the customer journey.

  • Faster time to market

Consumers have now become used to getting what they want at speed - and that includes new experiences on new devices. With a traditional CMS, marketers need to draft and developers need to build custom integrations and platforms to present content on the new channels.

With panomio, developers can simply deliver content via API calls to the device or touchpoint in question, allowing them to focus solely on the UI and the end-user experience


  • Content management from a single place

Marketers face the challenge of managing content on multiple sites and applications, transferring content from one CMS to another, which can be frustrating and time consuming. 
panomio allows multiple content authors, across different functions, to use the same space for creation, centralization, and delivery of content to any channel.

  • Developing flexibility

panomio is API driven, so front-end can be built without having to conform to any proprietary development constraints. The single item / module can be reused and combined with several different presentation outputs. This allows developers to build any code for any type of integration. The architecture based on microservices increases the autonomy of individual development teams within the organization, as ideas can be implemented and deployed without having to coordinate with a wider IT delivery function, enabling continuous delivery, scalability and reusability, giving the developers the freedom to independently develop and deploy services.


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Page modelling

Page modelling through content blocks to ensure seamless customer experiences across all platforms.

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Content preview

Test your content out on a development environment before going live. Empower your content editors while maintaining control.

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Unlimited projects

Create unlimited projects for all company’s websites, presentation pages, products, all  in a single place.

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Powerful microservices architecture

The core business is handled by a RESTful microservice, based on JSON schemas.

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Full revision history control

The editors can compare the content and publish any version from a given date and, when necessary, restore the content to the earlier state. 

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Media management

Upload and organize all types of media: images, videos, files into folders easy to access and work with.

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Content Search

Finding what you are looking for in all content is easy with search and filter capabilities.

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Roles and Permissions

Add team members, assign roles, allow each team member to edit what they need to get their part of the job done.

Panomio's Microservices Architecture

The panomio core consists of 9 different dockerized microservices, which enable us to quickly scale and evolve our services to better suit both our own needs, as well as those of our clients. Our technology suite allows for seamless integration with third-party services without any technological barriers or dependencies. 


The current tech stack includes: Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Webflux, Groovy, JPA/Hibernate, Spring RestTemplate, Angular 6, CSS

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