Software that really matters

Increasing productivity, cost reduction, resource management, pricing policy, smart decisions, risk analysis, and predictions are just some of the daily concerns of companies. The solutions we propose are intended to meet these needs, in order to streamline business processes.



copio is the perfect tool for competitive analysis and price monitoring, built with high-performance matching algorithms.


The real-time people counting solution for retailers. Our app connects seamlessly to your existing infrastructure and delivers intelligence without ever storing video stream data.

smart store monitoring

Intelligent system that support retailers in their journey to IoT adoption.

digital checklist

Web application for creating customizable checklists, allowing evaluation of all locations within one platform, analysing different aspects, such as: visual elements, cleanliness, displays and signage, personnel, stocks, maintenance, etc.


rupio enables retailers to automatically implement their pricing strategies based on configurable criteria and dynamic market conditions like costs, competitive metrics or business objectives

Digital office


Digital solutions for meeting room booking, desk reservations, parking space and visitor access management.


An efficient solution for managing media content on multiple displays, thus delivering proper content, at the right time, in a specific location.

self registration

A mobile registration app which visitors use to announce their arrival and through which they are guided to the appropriate department or meeting room.



A content management system that enables a single point of storage and simultaneously updates for multiple interfaces.


Real-time people counting solution providing actionable information so you can measure, analyze, and optimize your services.



We develop using cutting edge technology

Innovation and dynamism are underlying the way of thinking we nourish at eSolutions – two of the traits we consider essential for technological advance. No matter how daunting or complex challenges you face might seem, we’re confident that together we can find the very best solutions.