Self Registration

self registration

Do you know that moment when you find  yourself in front of a guest log book in an office building lobby, hurriedly scribbling your name at the end of a long list of names before you? Then you stand and wait while front desk security calls up your host, who must have forgotten to add you to the day’s front desk visitor list. Meanwhile, you are thinking about the log you have signed. It is paper-based, it's outdated and lacks the type of privacy that you expect in today’s digital age.
This isn't an ideal first impression for a potential partner, or for a candidate who could become a part of your team, or for any visitors.

Modern companies prefer digitized way:

self registration is a visitor-management app, which guests use to announce their arrival and through which they are guided to the appropriate department or meeting room. self registration enables corporations, hotels, factories,  professional associations, co-working spaces, banks, hospitals, and multiple-tenant offices to effortlessly manage visitor experiences.

Why self registration ?

pleasant experience for visitors card

Pleasant experience for visitors

Instead of confronting a paper log, allow visitors to sign in by themselves in a fast and friendly way. Create a wonderful first impression, offering an outstanding digitized welcome.

automatic notifications for hosts card

Automatic notifications for hosts

When a guest signs in, the host of the meeting/ interview is notified about the visitor's arrival, and can proceed directly to the meeting room.

data control and reporting card

Data control and reporting

self registration allows companies to track in real-time how many visitors are currently signed in and to get an overview about daily visitors in order to improve internal processes (e.g.: security).

GDPR-compliant solution card

GDPR-compliant solution

While monitoring data for better business operations processes, self registration is a GDPR compliant solution, respecting the privacy of the guests.

How does it work? Step by step

  • Pre-registration

Pre-register visitors using  the online web interface. When required data is entered: visitor’s name, email address, meeting details, the guest will receive a confirmation message and a QR code.

  • Sign-in 

Visitors will use the received QR code to sign in, by scanning it on a device installed in the lobby.  Automatically, the personal details will be displayed in order to check them and accept the GDPR agreement. Then, details about the meeting room and how you can find it will follow.

If a visitor has not been registered in advance, they can register and sign in using the self registration app, on the touch screen device. 


If it is a building with an access point, and the visitor needs an access card, there will be another step in the registration process, taking a picture and then printing the card with the visitor's data.

  • Notifications

After the registration process is complete, the host will automatically receive an email or a notification on the mobile phone to be informed that the visitor has arrived. Notifications can be sent to visitors and hosts at check in and also at check out.


pre-register visitors card

Pre-register visitors

Pre-populate information about your visitors using  the online web interface.

self sign-in card

Self sign-in

Set-up tablets in your lobby allow visitors to sign in themselves. 

custom data fields card

Custom data fields

The fields that guests fill out can be customized depending on different visitor categories: employees, interview candidates, etc.

sms/email notifications card

Sms/email notifications

The app automatically sends notification via sms or email (or both)  to the host, when a guest signs in.

QR code card

QR Code

It is the easier way to sign in: scan and go! Every visitor gets their own personalised QR code after pre-registration.

visitor photo card

Visitor photo

If the internal security system requires, visitors can take photos and use them on badges.

print badges card

Print badges

Connect a printer and easily print any type of badge. These are temporary badges that guests can use just during one visit.

hardware card


The hardware required for the application is not predefined and can be chosen depending on the company's purpose.

branding card


Customise colors, fonts, images, and backgrounds in  the application to meet your company branding guidelines.

secure & private card

Secure & Private

self registration is GDPR compliant. Moreover, all information is stored privately and traffic is secured by encryption.

reports and dashboard card

Reports and Dashboard

Get a better overview of your visitor information, including data on pre-registered visitors, previous visitors, visitors by location, and more.

Find out more about self registration

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