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What is Apache Kafka? Which use cases can best benefit from using Kafka? And why should you know more about it as an IT architect or developer? Viorel Anghel, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, covers all these and more.

The 1 Billion Row Challenge and what we learnt from it. Find out details about the challenge started by Gunnar Morling, how it went, and the various solutions developers came up with from Marius Staicu, Senior Software Architect.

Let's architect your business ideas, together

Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and skills to help you design, implement, and manage solutions that meet your specific goals and needs.

Whether you need to optimize your data infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or develop custom IoT applications, we have the solutions and necessary experience to help you succeed.

If you're looking to maximize the value of your data and technology assets and drive business transformation, we can help.

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Join us in our journey of exciting projects and innovative technologies in a cheerful environment! We're looking for skilled and responsible people, to learn and grow by our side. Check out our job openings.

Big Data Developer

We are extending our big data team, so we are looking for mid-level big-data developers, to enable us to extend the use of big-data technologies.

Senior Big Data Engineer

We are extending our big data team, so we are looking for senior data engineers, to enable us to extend the use of big-data technologies.

DevOps Engineer 

We are looking for a new colleague to join our DevOps team. Solid experience in deploying, configuring and maintaining Linux server systems.

Are these positions not what you were looking for? Visit our Careers page and find out about all our job openings.


Software that really matters

Off-the-shelf solutions might not cover all of your needs. Let's talk custom!

Our team of experienced developers will work with you to create a unique software solution that is tailored to your specific needs and that will help you get closer to achieving your business goals. We can design custom software solutions that will suit a variety of platforms and devices, making it convenient and easy to use for your team.

Software products


Digital solutions for challenges such as the growing number of remote employees by offering meeting room booking, desk reservations, parking space and visitor access management.



The real-time people counting solution for retailers. Our app connects to your existing infrastructure and delivers intelligence without ever storing video stream data.



An efficient solution for managing media content on multiple displays, thus delivering proper content, at the right time, in a specific location.

About eSolutions

Who we are

eSolutions is a technology company developing integrated, complex and secure solutions, with a focus on improving the business processes that stand behind the software.

We build, implement and develop big data solutions for key market verticals, using microservices architectures for apps that are both stable and scalable.

About eSolutions


Ranging from tutorials and technical trends, to new tools or frameworks, our specialists discuss various topics such as big data, IoT, cloud and infrastructure, Agile methodology, and more, on our blog. You can find in-depth articles on Spark, Elastic Stack, Rancher, K8s, Solr, and more, as well as how to modernize your apps or infrastructure.

Besides technical articles, you can also find out what we've been up to lately: various events we've attended and what we discussed on stage, internal events such as hackathons or internships, and other articles willing to inspire both us and you in our professional lives.

Given the wide range of topics, take a moment to browse below our articles.

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scrum teams

Scrum Teams: Potential Through Values

What is Scrum, where does a Scrum team's success come from, and which are the five values that guide a well-built Scrum team? The article below details all these and more.


eSolutions Hackathon 2023

8 teams, 30 (and a quarter) participants, 24 hours, 8 amazing projects, 5 tech experts as jurors, and lots of fun - that’s the 7th edition of the eSol Hackathon in a few words.


How to Build a Hexapod 3 - Electronics

The third part of the hexapod tutorial series is here! With this we are one step closer to our hexapod robot moving around and showing us what it’s got!

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