MQTT, Kafka = Secure IoT communication & data flow

Virgil Borcea, Software Engineer at eSolutions, has talked about how the data flow of an IoT system could look like using MQTT and Kafka, at Bucharest Big Data Meetup.

Virgil has a vast experience of over 10 years in the IT field, and during this time he managed to implement dozens of projects using various technologies. Now, he is passionate about everything that the Internet of Things means. He is part of the ReefBeat®/ ReefLED™ - Smart Reef Lighting System project team.

During his presentation, Virgil addressed topics such as:

- communication of Mobile Applications with IoT devices;
- data flow in an IoT system;
- security;
- Kafka;

The applicability of these topics were explained through a demo, at the end of session.


Thanks for the great event and see you all at Big Data Week. ;)