Retail Industry Solutions powered by AI


Growth of competition, shift from goods to services, customers expecting a hyper-personalised experience, fast evolution of technology – these are just a few of the trends that are driving major changes in the retail industry. Understanding and fast responding to changes become critical in remaining competitive and relevant.

The continuously changing retail landscape requires from the industry to find powerful solutions and transform the market pressure into business opportunities.  Marian Simpetru, Managing Partner at eSolutions, during his talk at Go Tech World 2020, analyses a part of the retail ecosystem challenges and highlights the practical solutions that solve them: price automation, sales predictions, competition analysis, channel monitoring.

Watching the video below, you will discover:

- how to align your price strategies with your business goals using automated solution powered by ML technology;

- how powerful and important sales forecasting is for your operations processes and what tools you may use for accurate information;

- how to track the dynamic price movements on the market and adjust your prices based on insights about competitors’ tactics.