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Knowledge Is Our Superpower

If you’re following us on social media, you know we’ve been using this phrase as a hashtag. But it’s not only a hashtag. We’re actively offering support to our employees to further develop their skills and knowledge. How do we do that? We thought we’d dedicate a blog post to our endeavors in this learning area. Read below to find out more!

Weekly Lightning Talks

Every Thursday, one colleague is invited to present a topic in half an hour. The topic can either be suggested by the LT project manager or each colleague can choose their own topic, depending on their preferences. These topics range from both professional topics, that deal with the daily job that the speaker is engaged in, or they can also be personal, like sharing a hobby with the rest of us. It’s interesting, it’s diverse, and it’s useful for both work and for the development of personal and professional skills such as public speaking and presentation skills.

We’ve already had talks on technologies such as Kubernetes, Elastic Stack, Kafka Streams, Bamboo, ArgoCD, Cassandra, Flutter, Linux, Prometheus, Grafana Loki, programming languages such as Go, open-source databases such as TimescaleDB, methodologies and best practices such as code refactoring, java libraries, event storming and event sourcing, game development, or non-technical presentations, such as UI design patterns, project management in your day-to-day life, or copywriting! Similarly, close to Summer, when our younger colleagues approach their graduation, they can use this weekly slot to share with us their innovative research in IT, while also testing their soft skills and getting valuable feedback in return.

We believe it’s a great opportunity for everyone involved to find out things they wouldn’t otherwise search for, to learn what other colleagues are working on, to be up to date on new releases or new tools, or even to pick up a new hobby!

Monthly Bootcamps

At eSolutions, on every last Friday of the month it's bootcamp day!

The big data team has a closed circuit bootcamp to discuss the latest news, releases, tools, share the newest frameworks and recent discoveries with all of their colleagues, project evolution or descriptions for everyone to be up to date with each other’s endeavors. Usually, the first part of the day is dedicated to discussions, while the afternoon boasts a more in-depth presentation on frameworks or tools, or even a specialized workshop.

Similarly, the whole frontend team holds a meet & greet with the goal of knowledge sharing, team alignment and discovery of new technologies and trends. They start by watching an educational 1-hour video on various subjects related to frontend, they hold mob-programming sessions on specific themes, a Q&A on current ongoing projects, and end with an open-ended discussion regarding the industry as a whole.


Hackathons are a big part of our identity, and we’ve been organizing it annually for 7 years already! Around Fall, when people come back full of energy from their Summer holidays, we organize this 24h Hackathon at eSol Main House - the perfect location for it, since each team can have their own room to develop their project during the night. 24 hours later, we’re all invited to see what our colleagues came up with in a series of project presentations. Some of the projects can then be turned into products or services, some have a social responsibility touch, while some are just for fun.

Given that most people spend the night at the office, it’s also an opportunity to get to know each other better, to order or to cook some good food. No matter if you take part in the actual Hackathon, or just want to hang around and have fun, the Main House is open for everyone, and it’s always an amazing time! Each year, some of our clients are happy to join us in the jury, and we are glad they value this event as much as we do!

Our hackathons are a perfect combo between learning, teamwork, and having fun. Just take a look at how last year’s Hackathon went!

Innovation Days (aka other “athons”)

We recently organized a new type of event - let’s call it - an AI-athon. With the prevalence of ChatGPT, and all AI tools in the past few weeks, we thought it’s best to take the first train on this new technology. In our first AI Innovation Day event, we all gathered to brainstorm about integrating AI in our (professional) lives. eSolutions colleagues split into brainstorming teams to discover new ways to use AI and ChatGPT in their work and make the most out of this tech.

Following a similar format with the Hackathon, AI Innovation Day started with a keynote speech by our CTO Miron Brezai that inspired and directed our colleagues to dive deeper into AI. During this one-day event, we tested, programmed, combined things and theories and came up with new ideas that were shared with all participants. We always strive to stay up to date with anything technology-related, and events like these only serve as proof. See how it went here!


Our colleagues enjoy further developing their skills, and we couldn't be more proud that each month we have freshly certified people in GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes (CKAD), Cloudera, Cassandra, as technical skills, or in ITIL and Scrum, or even cloud training for our Business Development colleagues. This age of digital and technology comes with various changes or updates every month, so it’s always best to keep up with the latest releases.

Tech Events

Be it Devoxx, GoTech World, Jfokus, or KubeCon, we love it when our employees and CxOs attend events to find out what’s new in tech. As the technology landscape is evolving at a very fast pace, staying connected to the latest changes is mandatory for us, as an IT company.

Big Data Week

Focusing on the social, political, and technological impact of data, Big Data Week (BDW) brings together a global community of data professionals to share knowledge and novel ideas about data. BDW is hosted across a number of major city hubs in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Pacific Asia, and, starting 2020, we have organized this event in Bucharest, Romania, with great success on the local and surrounding scene.

Organized annually, Big Data Week Bucharest Conference features subjects such as big data technologies, trends, infrastructure, architecture, implementation examples, expert insights, and best practices, gathering a community of data enthusiasts. As it features both technical insights and business applicability, a big part of the event is represented by industry networking. Satellite events such as webinars or workshops on big data topics also take place during Big Data Week. For more information about this event, check out this link.

eSolutions Academy

Since we are so passionate about technology and everything digital, and keen on learning more, we have built the eSolutions Academy, where our trainers teach various teams from partners’ organizations technical skills or comprehensive training in certain tools. Ranging from DevOps to Big Data, from programming languages to Linux, or from databases to security, subjects vary: Kubernetes, Python, Terraform, PostgreSQL, Solr, Angular, Microsoft Azure, and more.

As we can see, learning really is our superpower.

It’s not only a hashtag. It’s a way of life and work.