eSolutions Hackathon 2017

eSolutions 2017 Hackathon – the first ever eSolutions open contest focused on software and hardware integration has come to an end.

In a 24 hour window, our greatest talents teamed up and delivered incredible, working solutions on a deadline.

Teams Rock’n’Rolla, Helios, Thunder Godz, Solr, Haterz, Fant4stic, Ba$$stani Security and Ursuletii gave their very best, without a doubt! Winners were appointed by vote and left home with scooters, speakers and theftproof

backpacks. Many thanks to our friends and partners Samsung & Beer’O’Clock for supporting us. Also special thanks to our two minions: 2 great kids that were of great help overnight in keeping our spirits high and managing our sandwich and coffee supplies.

Last but not least, thanks to all participants for their energy and enthusiasm: they hung in there heroically overnight and most of all, they delivered projects that worked (live demo and all!).

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