esolutions & regina maria at big data week bucharest conference 2022


eSolutions x Regina Maria at BDW Bucharest Conference 2022: Big Data Hybrid Platform as a Living Organism

Continuing from last years' talk at Big Data Week Bucharest Conference, Marian Simpetru, Managing Partner eSolutions, hopped on stage again this year to discuss the latest improvements in their big data architecture for Regina Maria: if last year the big data architecture was mostly on-prem, the last year has brought changes turning it into a hybrid data platform due to including the apps and the data in the cloud as well. Joining him on stage to present the more business-related aspects of their decisions was Cosmin Panaete, Business Processes Director at Regina Maria. Regina Maria, Reteaua Privata de Sanatate, is an integrated healthcare provider, with around 5.5 million patients in their database, and serving one million patients per year.

In the healthcare industry, the standards are diverse as each country, multi-state unions like the EU, and even each provider creates its own standards. This makes the healthcare industry a fragmented market with a lot of data models implemented, and everyone struggling to standardize them. Regina Maria decided to adhere to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), a standard describing data formats and elements and an application programming interface for exchanging electronic health records, created by the Health Level Seven International health-care standards organization (US).

Regina Maria is trying to move their historical data to this international format, since they consider medical data to be their biggest asset in terms of IT. They chose to ensure the future of this data, by porting it in a format that is universally understandable and interconnectable with other suppliers, and which can match the future trends of the industry. As this kind of big data platform needs to be evolving constantly like a living organism, they chose eSolutions as their IT partner and have been working together on this platform for the last two years.

Regina Maria deals with a lot of different types of data, such as financial data, commercial data, medical data, and operational data, which makes it difficult to collect, store, and analyze it. Combining different information from diverse systems also hinders operations. There were two main challenges that made Regina Maria turn to a data lake and data warehouse solution, that eSolutions successfully implemented:

  • applications couldn’t cope with the volume of the transactions generated every day
  • the process of generating reports with aggregated data was very slow

What technical specifications does their big data architecture have, why did they choose to work with Azure, what big data tools are they using, and which are the next steps and goals for Regina Maria’s hybrid data platform? Watch the video below to see their full talk at BDW Bucharest Conference and to find out the answers to these questions: