big data week bucharest conference 2022


eSolutions x BDW Bucharest: Take a Holistic Approach to Big Data

From offline, to online, to hybrid, we are now glad to bring the Big Data Week Conference back to Bucharest in an in-person format, at Radisson Blu Hotel, on October 11-12! Technical talks, organizational insights, production use cases, live demos, hands-on workshops, and insightful meetups make up a week of big data-related content - for you to take away key learnings from all areas of a big data implementation or, otherwise said, to have a holistic view of big data.

Why Big Data Week

With around 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data generated each day, it’s no wonder that the global Big Data and Analytics market is estimated at $274 billion. But owning a large amount of data nowadays is not enough. Having qualitative data, and well-thought-out big data architectures, with a clear goal in mind, are crucial to achieve your business goals, develop better-suited products, and improve your services. When traditional means of analyzing data are not enough, big data remains the only way to gain value. Staying on top of new trends and new technologies is key to working smarter, not harder.

That is why we took it upon ourselves to bring Big Data Week, the global event focusing on the social, political, and technological impact of data, to Bucharest. The Romanian local community needs a means to find out what new challenges other professionals from the industry are facing, to share valuable information with their peers, to network & collaborate, and learn about big data technologies and what benefits they can bring.

Take a Holistic Approach of Big Data

This year’s event promises to offer a 360° view of big data projects, covering all aspects of implementation: from infrastructure and architecture to security and reporting.

To achieve this, BDW Bucharest Anchor Conference has a new format destined to deliver on its tagline. Spanning two days, the four different stages cover a variety of topics, from cloud, Kubernetes, and autoscaling, to data storytelling, data transfers, and data platforms, to MLOps, CI/CD, or domain driven design, to different big data tools such as Elasticsearch, Kafka Streams, Apache Druid, to name a few. You won’t get bored!

These topics are divided into the following four stages:

  • Big Data DevOps & Infrastructure
  • Data Security
  • Big Data Architectures
  • Reporting, BI, & Analytics

Which stage will you attend?

eSolutions @ Big Data Week Bucharest

Let’s see in more detail where and how you can listen to the eSolutions speakers.

  •   Monday, October 10 – DevOps Workshop

As part of Big Data Week Bucharest, we are organizing a hands-on DevOps Workshop a day before the start of the Anchor Conference. Hosted at eSolutions Academy, Codrut Panea, DevOps Engineer at eSolutions, will show how to use ArgoCD and Crossplane for Bootstrapping Kubernetes Clusters.

To join, please note that this event is free but requires RSVP here.

  • Tuesday, October 11 – Anchor Conference Day 1

Marian Simpetru, Managing Partner eSolutions, will join Cosmin Panaete, Business Processes Director at Regina Maria, on stage, to discuss how to have fast and centralized access to all the data. This gives Regina Maria the power to improve both operational processes, to better determine their patient’s needs, and more accurately predict the possible risks they are exposed thus allowing to increase patient care. In three words: hybrid data platforms.

  •  Wednesday, October 12 – Anchor Conference Day 2

Viorel Bibiloiu, Big Data Architect at eSolutions, will hop on stage to show us in an interactive session how to leverage the power of big data scalable streaming processing with Kafka-Streams, K8s, and Cassandra to build a near-real-time retail inventory management system.

BDW Bucharest Conference Agenda

Curious about other speakers? Speakers from top companies and startups alike will be sharing their big data journeys on stage during the two conference days. To view the full agenda, take a look here.

We hope this event will live up to and even surpass the expectations and hope to see you all there!

When? October 11-12

Where? Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest

How? Get your ticket here.