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StoryCraft: AI-Based App for Creating Children's Stories

We love being up-to-date with the latest technologies and our colleagues enjoy experimenting the moment they get the chance! This is how StoryCraft came into being, the app that creates children's stories from scratch!

How does StoryCraft work?

You can create your own story by filling in one or more keywords and the app makes use of various tools to create the storyline, the texts, the amazing visuals, and has the text-to-speech functionality integrated for a complete story telling experience.

What tech stack was used to create the app?

The core of the app is AI-based, integrating technologies for image generation, text generation, and text to speech, however it also makes use of both frontend and backend tools, as well as Docker and Kubernetes for deployment.

Full list of technologies

Frontend: ReactJS, Typescript, RxJs, Scss, Vite

Backend:  NodeJS, Google TTS, OpenAI (GPT 3.5, Audio API), PostgreSQL, Leonardo AI, FFmpeg

Deployment: Docker, K8s

AI-based tools:

  • Story Generation: Open AI - Chat GPT 3.5
  • Sound Track/Text to Speech: Google TTS, Open AI - Audio API
  • Image Generation: Leonardo AI
  • Video Generation: FFmpeg

We've showcased the StoryCraft app at GoTech World and attendees were excited to see how it works and to craft their very own stories! Take a look at the below interviews to find out more about this cool app:

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