eSolutions Hackathon 2020

11 teams, 42 participants, 5 jurors, 24 hours of work. IoT, ML, Big Data, various applications and a lot of fun – that's how the 4th edition of the eSolutions Hackathon looked like.


The podium was occupied by the following teams:

  • First place: The RocknRolla team, who developed an IoT project designed to help bartenders prepare cocktails, with the ability to mix up to 8 different types of drinks.
  • Second place: FS Development team, with the FineGlasses project – assistive technology for the blind. Smart glasses audibly communicate information about nearby objects and people.
  • Third place: The NEOOBS team, which developed the project "Data Glasses – smart glasses" able to receive text data via bluetooth and display it in a simple way for the user (engineers, experts in the electrical and oil & gas industries), without occupying the visual field.


Other projects developed during the Hackathon were:

- Ludis – a support application for trainers and people giving online presentations. It aims to promote and facilitate interaction both between participants and between participants and trainers, using grid questions, open questions and other types of interaction, the answers being then centralized and presented to all – these being the basis for further discussions. It also has specific features for trainers, such as random student picker and making a list of interactions depending on the structure of a course.

- The “Transporters” team has developed an application for optimizing road freight services and maximizing the efficiency of delivery processes, which solves challenges such as: optimizing time, distance and fuel used, clear visualization of routes by drivers (less stress), the use of the total capacity of the vehicle.

- The "Perpetuum Mobile" team has developed an application for optimizing the experience of online school meetings and courses: a robot that interacts with students when the teacher loses internet connection, thus maintaining their interest in the respective course.

- WeCare is a cloud application, accessible from anywhere, that monitors and centralizes patient movement data. Their monitoring is done through a device that contains a Raspberry Pi and, in the first phase, an acceleration sensor to identify falls. Finally, many patients with different comorbidities can be monitored. The system can alert doctors or family via text message, even without a wireless internet connection.

- CEREBRO – a tool suitable for credit officers in the banking and NBFI (non-bank financial institutions) field. Its purpose is to allow customers to build strong models for assessing a loan application. The application is based on technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

- Activity recommender – B.R.A.M. is a web application that uses different algorithms to find common intervals and activities for groups of friends, eliminating the headaches related to "what do we do today?".

- The BB0 team project involves the implementation of a robot with a spherical body, that moves and is controlled remotely via a web interface. The purpose of the robot is to bring smiles on eSolutions employees’ faces, during its office walks.