eSolutions Hackathon 2019

24 hours of work. 43 participants. 11 teams. Sweet Tech Team = 13 girls who took care of keeping our blood sugar levels high. 4 jurors. 3 teams on the podium :)

The winning projects are the following:

First place, team "Us again" –  facial recognition application for office access control.

Second place, team "Not great, not terrible" –  platform for accommodation sharing. The app connects owners of places to rent, in high-transit areas, with people who need flexible, short-term accommodation. The service offers an integrated door lock mechanism, controlled by end-users through mobile/web applications.

Third place, "Tag Team" –  smart mirror, integrated with Google Assistant, that displays the necessary daily information (calendar, weather, time to work, daily news) and integrates with the smart home devices, for smart home control..

Other projects developed within eSolutions 2019 Hackathon:

Team Every Day I’m Hustlin –  a robot that detects harmful plants, processing images through a machine learning algorithm. After detection, the plants are sprayed with herbicide. The robot is controlled through a web application, the end user being able to turn it on and off, as well as view the photos taken by the robot.

"Grinders" team –  mobile application, by which the customer can register in a queue. The client can see information such as the waiting time and the number of people in front of him. The business owner can see a series of analytical data, such as: average waiting time, busier hours, or the total number of people served that day.

Team "Open 24 H" –  augmented reality mobile application, that could be used in museums to provide visitors with a more interactive and fun experience.

Two out of the 11 teams that participated at the Hackathon  were formed by our newest colleagues, who had just finished the internship in eSolutions. However, each of them managed to develop an application within 24 hours:

Team "This is fine" –  an application that generates culinary recipes depending on the products you have at home.

Team "I want as well" –  web application, completed with offline interaction, announcing the following events/activities within the company.