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eSolutions Academy Becomes an Independent Business Unit

In 2015, we noticed an increasing demand for new technologies in companies both small and large. We decided to come to the help of our clients by founding a separate business division that would only deal with courses in various technologies. This was the start of eSolutions Academy.

Over the years, the number of courses, trainers, and technologies grew, and requests for further courses came through. Given the growth directions of both eSolutions and eSolutions Academy, after 7 exciting years, a new era is coming to life.

Starting June 1, eSolutions Academy becomes a separate business unit, under the lead of Dan Grigoras, as Executive Director.

As for the eSolutions business development department, Dan’s full responsibilities will be taken over by Andrei Popovici, who’ll become Head of Sales at eSolutions.

We congratulate both of them and invite you to check out our eSolutions Academy website. Should you need big data, cloud, or IoT services, eSolutions ought to be your go-to, while courses and training will remain the scope of eSolutions Academy.