Price monitoring with copio


Price monitoring and comparison with copio

Keep an eye on your competitors

copio is the perfect price monitoring tool for competitive analysis and price comparisons. copio provides a wide range of information on the prices charged by competitors in the online environment, to help you react to market changes quickly and efficiently.

This is a web-based app, so it does not require installation and can be run from any operating system, through a web browser.


  • Identify the market positioning for the products and services offered, compared to the main competitors.
  • Observe market positioning changes, as a result of price policies shifting practiced by the competition.
  • Collect a very large volume of prices, in order to analyse them, compared to own products.

copio - features


Web Crawling

You choose the websites you want to monitor and we develop a specialized web crawler for each one, capturing the relevant competitive information. The entire process of data scraping and collection will be automated, without the need for any additional time-consuming actions.



If you want to compare your own products with those of your competitors, the high-performance matching algorithm, developed on multiple levels, will automatically perform their mapping and validation, or offer proposals for manual validation.



copio provides extensive analysis functions, allowing you to retrieve information about competitors’ activity: new products added, price changes, differences compared to your own prices, to help you make the best pricing and marketing decisions.


Regardless of the data import procedure, the frequency of data scraping and transmission of information, the types of reports or the choice of specific dates for receiving them directly by email, copio allows the development of any type of customization.

How does copio - price monitoring tool work?

  1. Using a predefined template, you can import your products and categories into the app (from .xls or .csv files).
  2. After defining which competitors you want to monitor, the development of personalized web crawlers for each of their websites follows.
  3. Data scraping is performed and reports on crawled products are delivered daily.
  4. Your own products are mapped with the competition products either automatically, by the matching algorithm, or manually, by the user.
  5. The analytics delivered periodically offer the possibility to react in real time to any changes implemented by the competition, according to your pricing and marketing policies (e.g. offers and promotions, market positioning, introduction of new categories or products).

Price Monitoring - Benefits

  • Ability to track changes in competitors’ product ranges, including adding new products or categories.
  • Choose the product categories of interest and the frequency of collection and transmission of data (crawling).
  • Follow the evolution of the prices of competitors’ products, compared to your own prices.
  • See how you stand at product category level as compared to your competitors.
  • Easy identification of the products with the biggest price changes.
  • Real-time tracking of promotions implemented by the competition.
  • High-performance, customizable, and automatic mapping algorithm.
  • All reports can be easily exported to Excel files for offline work.
  • High level of customization, from the chosen theme to the selection of columns for export.
  • Intuitive interface and ease-of-use, with the possibility of defining the roles and rights of users.
  • Low operating costs.

Use Case

I want to see how often my competitors change their prices, launch promotions or add new products. My price policy is to position myself as the supplier with the lowest prices.

I import my products into the app and define the competitors I want to monitor and perform price comparison. The web crawlers developed for each website, after data scraping, deliver reports on the competitors’ products. The matching algorithm performs the mapping with the products from my own portfolio.

After analysing the collected data, I notice that for 10 products in my portfolio there is a competitor that offers a lower price. I react quickly and adjust the prices of those products. At the same time, I notice that there are three products for which my prices are much lower than the competition. This allows me to increase the prices for these three products, and still maintain the position as the supplier with the lowest prices on the market.


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