Expert Services on Cassandra Database for GE Digital

We take pride in our team and in our work.

We always go the extra mile to understand the business needs of our clients, we think one step ahead when it comes to production, and we always remain by our customers’ side, even after a successful implementation.

This also happened during our Cassandra database project for GE Digital, with complex technical requirements. We are beyond happy and proud to successfully complete this project and to receive the below feedback from our client:

“eSolutions has shown a genuine concern to understand our needs,” said Silviu Cretean, Global Delivery Center Manager for GE Digital. “Our Cassandra database audit, migration, upsize project had to overcome a significant number of technical issues. During the entire collaboration, we felt like we were part of the same team and had the same goals, which led to an efficient, fast, and high-quality implementation of the solution.”