On-Premise Kubernetes Storage Options

On October 3-4 we organized BDW Bucharest Conference, a community event focusing on all things data. Data scientists, data engineers, business leaders seeking actionable insights, and curious minds eager to better understand the intricacies of big data solutions, attended Big Data Week Bucharest, an event that wishes to inspire, educate, and redefine our understanding of data.

With over 20 years of experience as an IT professional, Viorel Anghel, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, stepped on the BDW Bucharest stage to discuss our journey from the technologies used in 2018, and where we are now, in 2023.

His presentation was quite technical (note to our more business-oriented readers), starting from our experimenting with Docker and GlusterFS, to Longhorn, DirectPV, and MinIO, tools that we still use today. Viorel has explained both pros and cons of each, where they shine, as well as their drawbacks, and provided alternatives for some of the tools. During his speech, he also touched upon subjects such as storage speed tests, PostgreSQL speed, backups, and disaster recovery.

You can see for yourself all the details in the following video: