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UI Design Patterns for Successful Software

Is there a recipe behind successful software? What’s the secret ingredient for an enjoyable user experience? Dorin Tecuceanu, UX/UI Designer @eSolutions, is talking at #eSolLightningTalks about frequently used design patterns to better understand their purpose & their dos and don'ts.

Key Takeaways:

  • - User Interface Design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems.
  • - Visual frameworks = visual consistency throughout the user experience, visual elements, colours, and typography that forms a basic layout.
  • - When creating a visual framework, you should focus on:
    • > types of content & tasks for the users;
    • > user interface design patterns;
    • > organise all returning visual elements on the page and indicate where content should go;
    • > colours and fonts;
    • > wireframing: position various elements in a consistent layout;
    • > style-guide: visual elements & implementation rules.

For more details, watch the presentation below*.
*content in Romanian