An efficient solution for managing media content on multiple displays


Digital signage is no longer a tool that a company may think to adopt or not, it’s a must have system for internal and external effective communication.  The traditional, printed signage can hardly grab the attention of customers or ensure engagement, create interest, or enable flexibility and diversity in communicating with employees. In the era of digitalization, when texts have been replaced with pictures, and then with videos, it becomes impossible to respond to today’s expectations with yesterday’s tools. 

TVio is an efficient solution for managing media content on multiple displays, thus delivering proper content, at the right time, in a specific location. TVio helps companies to distribute information that is relevant to their customers, guests, or employees.

How TVio is applicable in different business areas?



Keep your customers informed by sharing videos or images, on in-store and in-storefront displays, about promotions, seasonal specials, new products, special offers, sales. Deliver relevant information to increase buying decisions.



Display health advice or educational messages for patients, while waiting for a medical appointment. Remind visitors and medical staff about health and safety protocols.

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Cafes, Restaurants, Bars

Create an exciting experience by presenting the menu to your guests  in a colorful, appetizing way. Include videos with products’ stories, live from the kitchen, or curiosities about your specific ingredients.



Link employees with company culture, across multiple locations, by sharing internal messages, news, photos and videos that reflect the working process in different teams, or emphasize company’s values.



Welcome your guest with warm messages and useful information using digital signage in the lobby. Increase cross-selling by presenting hotels services and facilities.  Inform guests about upcoming events or local attractions that are close to the hotel.



Notify participants about upcoming sessions or display the full schedule. Mention the sponsors of the event by displaying their logo or other branded content. Highlight speakers lineup,  and specific topics using attractive images and graphics.



Display training videos to facilitate the production process and increase productivity. Use digital signage to point out the safety protocols and different instructions. Periodically present the production metrics.

Gas Stations_image

Gas Stations

Promote products that can be found in convenience stores or display  the daily menu with food, snacks, and beverages. Inform your clients about additional services such as car wash or tyre air pumps.

Why do our partners use TVio?


  • High- impact digital-signage app with simple content management

  • Enhance customers experience by creating engagement and spreading information  
  • Boost first impression with a tech driven company’s image

  • Save money by replacing traditional signages, reducing print and administration costs
  • Create brand awareness and encourage engagement offering an experience that matches expectations


  • Deliver the right information at the right location and at the right time
  • Connect people with the company culture, activities, and news,  across multiple offices 
  • Entertain visitors during waiting time for an appointment/ meeting
  • Enjoy flexibility and variety of content, that can be adapted, with unlimited changes
  • Ensure effective communication through consistent marketing messages


content management _image

Centralized content management

All the content is  centralized and managed from a single point, through a web app.

Display media_image

Display media

Easily display photos and videos by creating playlists.

Present website_image

Present website

TVio handles website display with site interaction in a contained environment.



Associate the same media to multiple screens, being able to handle a huge number of screens and media diversity


Plug and play setup

A tv box can be connected to the display through an easy plug and play feature - monitor, smart tv, tablet. You name it, we will display on it!

permission levels_image

Set permission levels

Add team members, assign roles, allow each team member to edit a certain part of the content, or to manage media in a couple of locations.


Automated display

Preconfigure content, choose locations and be sure that your messages will be pushed at the right time, right location, right customers.


Broadcast app

Helps with load time on slow network connections and ensures that content is displayed even when the media is too large for the network to handle.


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