#BigDataWeek - Streamlining Healthcare Operations Using Big Data

Cristina Andries, Project Manager at, and Doru Popa, IT Manager at REGINA MARIA, The Private Healthcare Network, discussed how to streamline healthcare operations using big data at Big Data Week Bucharest Conference 2021. 

REGINA MARIA, the Private Healthcare Network is a leader in the quality of medical services in Romania, being the only operator that owns three hospitals with international accreditations. Through its 13 accreditations - a unique performance in Central and Eastern Europe, REGINA MARIA constantly demonstrates its commitment to medical excellence and patient care safety.

As the company grew, so did its business needs, technical requirements, and data volume. Thus, the need arose to implement a big data platform to support its constant evolution. REGINA MARIA wanted to relieve the pressure on the databases to increase operational performance and expand the ability to respond to any type of data integrations and queries. So, eSolutions developed an on-premise big data platform that centralizes data from different client sources, thus ensuring a complete and consistent visualization of information and streamlining the company's operations.

During this talk, Cristina and Doru shared the story of building a big-data platform within REGINA MARIA, covering aspects like:

  • > Challenge and solution;
  • > Metrics and results;
  • > What follows in the collaboration between REGINA MARIA and eSolutions;
  • > Conclusions and lessons learned.

Watch the entire presentation here: