big data week


eSolutions presents Big Data Week, the global data festival, returning to Bucharest between October 13-14


Big Data Week Conference, a global benchmark event in the field of data, returns between 13 and 14 October. eSolutions, technology company specializing in big data solutions, and Bigstep, global provider of big data infrastructure services, present the conclusions, the trends, and the fundamental impact of data use in the current context. Being at its third edition in Bucharest, the event integrates a two-day anchor conference, as well as satellite events, in a hybrid format, both at Radisson Blu Hotel and online, via live streaming and virtual expo in the dedicated online platform.

The event is structured into two tracks: business and technical, and the online format also allows the addition of satellite events, meetups, and technical workshops with free access for those interested. The business track presentations focus on trends and the benefits of implementing big data solutions, through case studies that analyze challenges and good practices, with valuable insights in areas such as retail and e-commerce, banking, government, health, IT, tourism, and hospitality. The technical track presentations cover the implementations, analyzed from all perspectives - infrastructure, architectures, technologies used, and the reasoning of their choice. The major areas addressed are Big Data - platforms, applications, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Security. The presentations bring an array of topics - from the integration of AI solutions in various areas of business and the impact of data analysis in business, only with elements adapted to the new needs of organizations, to specific architectures such as multi-cloud / hybrid cloud, securing large data flows or technologies supporting critical business systems.

Among the speakers invited to the conference on October 13-14, there are specialists from top companies such as EPAM Systems, Cognizant Softvision,, ING Tech, Microsoft, Trencadis, Google, eMAG, Carrefour, Avon, Adore Me, eSolutions, and Bigstep.

The main partners of Big Data Week in Bucharest are EPAM Systems, Cognizant Softvision,, ING Tech, Microsoft, Trencadis, Google, Metalsoft, and Data Market Services Accelerator.

Big Data Week brings together a global community of professionals whose priority is to improve the adoption of these technologies and the transfer of knowledge about big data. By organizing successful events in the last 10 years in different parts of the world, Big Data Week has become a project with recognition in London, Chicago, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Minsk or Leeds.

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